New top story from Time: University of Minnesota Student Jailed for 6 Months for Critical Tweets He Sent in the U.S.

The case of a Chinese student jailed for tweets he sent while studying in America underscores that being overseas is no protection from Beijing’s censors. Luo Daiqing, who attends the University of Minnesota in the U.S., was sentenced to six months in jail by a district court in November for “provocation” after he posted tweets […]

New top story from Time: The Global Mental Health Crisis Requires a Worldwide Investment, Advocates Say On TIME Davos Panel

Mental health issues affect billions of people across every corner of the globe, touching every community and every family, and mounting evidence shows the issue is worsening. To combat the issue, we need to urgently grow our investment in programs that expand access to care, mental health advocates said at a TIME lunch on Wednesday […]

New top story from Time: In Landmark #MeToo Moment, Harvey Weinstein’s Rape Trial Begins in New York

(NEW YORK) — Harvey Weinstein went on trial Wednesday in a landmark moment for the #MeToo movement, with prosecutors painting him as a sexual predator who used his movie-magnate stature to abuse women for decades, while his lawyers sought to discredit his accusers and portray the encounters as consensual. Prosecutor Meghan Hast told the jury […]

New top story from Time: Rep. Adam Schiff Invokes Alexander Hamilton as Opening Arguments at Trump’s Impeachment Trial Begin

(WASHINGTON) — The U.S. Senate began hearing opening arguments Wednesday in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial with proceedings now on a fast track. First up: Democratic House managers making their case that Trump abused his presidential power and should be removed from office. After late-night deliberations over the rules almost ensured no new witnesses will […]

New top story from Time: It Is With Heavy Hearts That We Must Face This Announcement That Mr. Peanut Has ‘Died’

It is with heavy hearts that we must report that Mr. Peanut has passed away. Don’t worry, the death of the pants-less, top hat-wearing, anthropomorphic peanut was for a good cause—a Super Bowl 2020 ad. The aged peanut was killed off after 104 years of loyal service to the Planters corporation in an ad that […]

New top story from Time: Utah Bans Discredited Practice of Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Kids

(SALT LAKE CITY) — The discredited practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ children is now banned in Utah, making it the 19th state and one of the most conservative to prohibit it. Supporters navigated a winding path to passage and some dissent remains, but barring it in Utah could give a boost to similar efforts […]

New top story from Time: U.S. Transportation Department Announces Plan to Tighten Rules Around Service Animals on Planes

The days of passengers bringing rabbits, turtles and birds on planes as emotional-support animals could be ending. The U.S. Transportation Department on Wednesday announced plans to tighten rules around service animals, the biggest change being that only dogs could qualify. Airlines say the number of support animals has been growing dramatically in recent years, and […]

New top story from Time: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Lawyers Threaten Legal Action Over Paparazzi ‘Harassment’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lawyers have sent a stern letter to British news outlets warning that “action will be taken” if they purchase or publish any paparazzi photos taken under conditions that constitute “harassment.” The letter, which was shared with TIME by the royal couple’s law firm Schillings, was sent after photos of Meghan […]

New top story from Time: D.C. Sues Trump’s Inaugural Committee, Claiming It Coordinated With President’s Family to ‘Grossly Overpay’ for Hotel Space

(WASHINGTON) — The District of Columbia is suing President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and two companies that control the Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital, accusing them of throwing parties for the Trump family with nonprofit funds, and overpaying for event space at the hotel. The district’s attorney general, Karl Racine, said the inaugural […]

New top story from Time: Northeastern University Student Sent Back to Iran Despite Valid Visa, Judge’s Order As Immigration Attorneys Warn of ‘Troubling’ Pattern

An Iranian student planning to attend Northeastern University in Boston was sent back to Iran by immigration officials on Monday night, despite an emergency ruling from a federal judge allowing him to stay in the U.S. while his case was reviewed. Attorneys for the student said the case is part of a “troubling” pattern. Mohammad […]